Do you ever get stopped in your tracks? Where the reality of something that you thought you knew, was suddenly seen at a new depth? At a level so deep that it stops you and commands your attention? The reality of a simple truth that has an unfathomable depth. Like, the reality that Jesus never knew the pleasure of sin. Just the pain of sin. He only knew the depth of sin’s destruction in a relationship. Only the breaking of a heart that pushes others aside to hide. To see the tyranny of the troubled in the blackness of a sin-stained world. And to love each one enough to take on the pain and confront it head-on. To dare to reach into the moment of where one heart exists in the pain of itself. One that is known no matter how well one tries to hide in it.

To know the piercing love of Christ that knows no bounds is this reality. The love that seeks the best of another in the wholeness of the emptiness that one seeks to hide in. The fear of the one broken being seen and held out a lifeline to be made whole. To come out of the shadows of the dungeon that we like to call home, in the soul of one’s life.

The crimson blood of Christ flows for each of us in this place. The place where each of us is most hidden, but also the most vulnerable. The Crimson color of Christ’s blood not only shows up the best on the blackened background of a sin-stained world. It also covers it. And it brings the healing and wholeness that each one seeks to walk in. Freed from the self-reliance of a world of lies that one can try to cover its conscience with. And the opportunity to walk out of the dungeon that I create in the lies that I use to protect myself. To come into the love of Christ’s bloodshed for me, so that I can walk in freedom.

To me, life is a journey, one that none of us were intended to walk alone in. And on my journey of coming out of my self-made dungeons, I have tried to create new pictures of what the world around me should or could be. But I have found that I often overlook the best picture. The picture of the blood of the risen Savior reaching out with blood-stained hands so that I can be made healed and whole. Through the resurrected Love of God, the Father that can set the captive’s heart free from the isolation of the dungeons that I create for it.

I invite you to come and know the love of God the Father through the blood-stained hands of his son, Jesus. And to walk in the freedom from the dungeon of sin that has been washed clean by the blood of Christ. Come and experience the Love that poured out His blood that each of us could live in the picture of forgiveness; that can bring you to a place of freedom from your dungeon. Come and allow Jesus to repair the picture that you call your reality.

You see, it’s in the simplicity of a broken heart that I find my greatest need for my picture to be made whole again. It’s here that one can reach out and truly find the love of Christ through outstretched hands on the cross. If you are wondering how this is possible? It begins with a heart that longs for the acceptance of a Savior in Jesus. There are no magic words, just a repentant heart that longs to know the relationship of a Savior. Just, simply and honestly asking Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins and asking him to come into your life as Lord and Savior is all that it takes. Just, ask everything in the name of Jesus. Because all power and authority are His and it’s as His will is done in our lives that healing and wholeness are restored. Be blessed and never walk alone, walk with Jesus.

It’s when one finds the courage to come into the light of Christ that the picture of eternity begins to come into perspective. Be encouraged for all that call on the name of the Lord, will be saved and know the light of the world. And always shoot the world with light.


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