What’s Your Lens?

In uncertain times, it can be easy to lose focus on the truly important things in life. Those things that seem to become easily blurred during changing circumstances. But like a good lens, the focus point is always the sharpest in one place. Often the best focus is in the center. Where the optimal amount of light can evenly illuminate the whole scene. And the best results are achieved. Likewise, when small adjustments are made the focus can become blurred. The desired focal point can become contrasted against the lack of depth that surrounds the image. And the image that was once sharp is now out of focus.

Where one places their trust determines what creates the focus that guides the person. One can go through life, changing the aperture on a lens and thus changing the amount of light that is allowed into the camera. The amount of light in one’s world will determine how it is viewed and if a clean focus is achieved.

The bible says to “trust in the Lord.” Proverbs 3:5. But one may ask why should I trust in the God of the bible? God gives us his answer in Proverbs 3:6, “so that your path may be made straight.” A straight path is like having the sweet spot on a camera lens dialed in to the scene that you are trying to capture. The focus is true and the clarity of everything in the scene is clear. And all the unimportant parts fall off in a controlled manner that was intended when the picture was taken. It’s the ability to separate a tree from the forest. A straight path allows you to retain your focus deep into the forest. And see the details that are in front of you.


One can focus on the circumstances of the changing world in front of us and look through a blurred vision of what is around you. Or you can focus on the one that, “was, and is, and is to come.” The one that sees the bigger picture as a whole. The one that is not surprised or challenged by the ever-changing focus of the world’s lens. To trust in Christ brings confidence in the confusion and focus in the frailty of the human condition. I invite you to focus more on Christ in these times of uncertainty. Because in and through Christ one can truly focus the world with The Light. To learn more about how to focus your life on Christ call 1-800 need him. And always remember to “shoot the world with light.”