The path turned from the smooth pavement into the small rocky trail that edged its way along the rocky steps into the forest. The rocks grew in numbers as they greeted the tree roots in the middle of the path. The small awkward roots would roll in and around my feet like unwanted visitors that wanted to grab the front of my shoes. Their numbers only seemed to grow as we skirted up the tree-line and along the boulders that loomed over us on our climb up the trail.

The staircase at Devil’s Lake State Park

As the rocks slowly shifted beneath our feet; we found ourselves winding amidst the trees that stood like guards looking down upon us. The path lead us deeper into what went on into the treelines that surrounded us as we passed others spanning the cliffs for a place to traverse the edges and outcrops around us.

The rock climbers were out in force searching for the perfect place to traverse the cliffs. Some looked for the perfect place to hang from while others searched for a less challenging set of holes to grip on to. As I looked up I could only imagine what the view from the end of rope was like. We passed by several groups of climbers as we made our to some pretty cool outcrops that the average Joe could find. As I stood at the edge the vista opened up in an almost surreal way as I crept to the edge of the cliff.

Outcrop at Devils Lake State Park

As the day sank behind us in the woods, our calling card to escape the impending darkness became obvious. So we slowly made our way back to the trailhead. The final light of the day gave way to dusk and our adventure came to an end. But the adventures that one can come and enjoy at Devil’s Lake State Park are many. From day hikes to camping adventures complete with a store if you forgot your favorite equipment. To all the gear you need for fishing, hiking, and camping equipment to rent and buy. The only limitations are the ones that you bring. So pack your gear and enjoy one of Wisconsin’s best state parks in Bariboo, WI. To make reservations or plan a day trip check out the Wisconsin DNR site at And always remember to “shoot the world with light.”


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