As I strolled up to order on a lazy Saturday morning. I peered at the small chalkboard with the specialty drinks and then at the one with special of the day. A one of a kind panini served on a choice of bread and a fruit side. As I stopped to take in the flavors I was called back to reality. The smiling face in front of me called out, “they are here.”

Our card partners for the morning came in the front door and the time of making a decision had come. No drink on the board spoke to me so I ordered one of my favs. I looked up at the barista and said, “I’ll have a large Get frosty and the full special of the day.” The special  of the day had never disappointed and often surprised with the bursts of flavors that came from within. Like a full bodied red wine one needs to experience the flavors to truly appreciate them.

This fine establishment is a place where many journeys come together. Even if it is just for a moment in time. It’s a place where light hearted frolicking around games and good food are common place. It’s a large open place with original fare and one of a kind coffee and teas.

A place where locals and a passerby can get a glimpse at what local artisans and artists have to offer. From crafts to corkscrews and cardholders they support the locals. The come as you are atmosphere draws people from all walks of life.

Only at Xpeditions in Bloomer, Wisconsin can you wash down a one of a kind panini with cup of “Get Frosty” or other specialty coffee. If your sweet tooth is calling you can choose from one of their sweet treats. And for those looking for a healthier bite there and several artisan salads to choose from. Or pick from a full menu. The coffee house sits on top of their restaurant that serves a full menu.

You are invited to bring friends, family and your appetite to come, sit a spell and share the journey at Expeditions in Bloomer, Wisconsin. Expeditions will also host your one of a kind event. Call 715-568-5420 or visit them in person. As always enjoy your journey and “shoot the world with light.”

A picture of Xpeditions coffee house in Bloomer, WI.
Our hometown treasure in Bloomer, WI.

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